2018 China-Russia Seminar on Technological Innovation Cooperative Strategy

On Mar. 15, the 2018 China-Russia Seminar on Technological Innovation Cooperative Strategy was held in Tsinghua University’s Institute for China-Russia Strategic Cooperation.
Sun Jian, the newly appointed minister and counselor for scientific and technological affairs at the Chinese Embassy in Russia, delivered a speech highlighting the importance of recognizing the demands of the new international situation, including China’s direction in this new era, and the promotion and development of China-Russia technological innovation collaboration through investigation and creative discussions. Zhou Yu, Director of the Division of Asian and European Affairs, Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Science and Technology, analyzed the changes and trends of China’s technological innovation cooperation with Russia, as well as the key directions for future development from the perspective of the Chinese government.
Deng Ning, Vice Dean of the Office of Scientific R&D, gave a short overview of Tsinghua’s international scientific and technological cooperation, as well presenting some results from its technological cooperation with Russia. He emphasized Tsinghua University’s commitment to leveraging its strength to actively promote China’s cooperation with Russia in talent cultivation, basic research and technology transfer. Representatives of several departments, including Xiao Xi, Vice Dean of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Zhang Yong, from the Institute of  Nuclear and New Energy Technology, Wang Yi, from the Department of Engineering Physics, Dong Ge, from the School of Aerospace Engineering, and Bao Ou, from the School of Social Sciences shared their experiences in technology collaboration with Russia.
During the course of the seminar, experts from both sides brought up many specific suggestions for enhancing technological innovation cooperation with Russia in the new era. In total over twenty experts involved in the cooperation with Russia and faculty representatives attended the meeting.