MOU Signing Ceremony for Tsinghua and Toyota Cooperation Held in Tsinghua

Apr. 19, the 25th Management Committee Meeting of the Tsinghua – Toyota Research Center and the MOU signing ceremony for the Tsinghua – Toyota autopilot and AI cooperation programs were held in Tsinghua University. Tsinghua Vice President Academician You Zheng and Toyota President Uchiyamada Takeshi attended the ceremony during which they both gave speeches. The meeting and signing ceremony was chaired by Zhou Yu, Director of the Office of Scientific R&D.
In his speech, You Zheng pointed out that Toyota is an important strategic partner of Tsinghua University, mentioning that the Tsinghua – Toyota Research Center was the first university-level joint research institution Tsinghua established with an overseas partner. The joint research center has become a exemplary case for overseas R&D collaboration on account of its standard management practices and excellent results. Based on the previous collaboration, the establishment of the “Tsinghua – Toyota Joint Research Center for Autopilot AI” marks a new milestone in cooperation between the two parties. In recent years the field of AI has been very active, with much innovation and research institutions and companies all over the world accelerating their studies in AI, highlighting the timeliness of this new cooperation.
President Uchiyamada reviewed the past cooperation between Tsinghua and Toyota, acknowledging the research endeavors and talent cultivation, and expressed his gratitude towards those supporting and participating in cooperation projects both past and present. He also expressed his hope that the two parties would deepen their cooperation in the new fields of autopiloting and AI, building on the current foundation of cooperation in environmental sciences, energy, materials sciences and automobile safety.
Prof. Yang Diange, Dean of the Department of Automotive Engineering, and Yuda Shuji, Manager of the Beijing Branch of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (China), signed the MOU on behalf of the two parties. Committee members including Vice President You Zheng, President Uchiyamada, Ma Jun, Director of the Overseas R&D Management Office, and Zhen Shuning, Director of Research Organization Management Office, witnessed the signing ceremony.