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As one of the top universities in China, Tsinghua University is not only committed to conducting basic and cutting-edge research, but also to the application and industrialization of the technologies. Tsinghua University highly values its relationship and collaboration with international companies and research organizations. The Overseas R&D Management Office was first set up in 2004 to handle the management matters of R&D collaborations between Tsinghua University and international companies, research organizations, and government agencies, to help industry partners explore university R&D findings and collaboration opportunities, to review research collaboration contracts and agreements, to ensure Tsinghua University's full compliance of the terms and conditions of R&D collaboration contracts, university regulations and government policies.


Meanwhile, the Overseas R&D Management Office also services as the gateway for international companies to access university research resources, expertise and technologies. It provides customized services to Tsinghua University's strategic international partners and helps them materialize their collaboration objectives. For international companies who are interested in becoming Tsinghua’s strategic partners, please refer to University-Industry Cooperation Committee ( UICC).


Courtesy Reminder: for the international affairs which are irrelevant to R&D collaborations, please contact the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange



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