Joint Research Centers

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Joint Research Centers

As of March 2012, there are 31 joint international research collaboration centers in operation, which are established by Tsinghua University and prominent international companies, including Toyota, GM, Siemens, UTC, MHI, Veolia Environment, Boeing, Toshiba, Swire Properties, Hitachi, Bayer,Intel, HP, Nokia, Jassen, Bayer etc.


In addition, Tsinghua University has launched 10 joint research centers with world leading universities and research institutes, including MIT, John Hopkins, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, UC Berkeley, Technical University of Munich, University of Waterloo etc.


University-level Joint Research Centers:

  •  Tsinghua-Toyota Joint Research Center
  •  Tsinghua-United Technologies Corporation Research Institute for Integrated Building Energy, Safety and   Control Systems
  •  • China Automotive Energy Research Center of Tsinghua University
  •  Tsinghua-MHI R&D Center
  •  Tsinghua-Siemens Centre of Knowledge Interchange
  •  •  Tsinghua-Veolia Advanced Environmental Technology Joint Research Center
  •  Tsinghua-Boeing Joint Research Center
  •  •  Tsinghua-Toshiba Energy and Environment Research Center
  •  •  Tsinghua University-Swire Properties Joint Research Center for Building Energy Efficiency and Sustainability