About UICC

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About UICC

As a dedicated research-oriented university, Tsinghua University sees its three primary functions as creating knowledge, initiating technology innovation, and contributing to society. To achieve this, the university continually strives to promote the commercialization of technologies, to participate actively in national and regional developments, and to contribute to society.


The University-Industry Cooperation Committee (UICC), founded in 1995, is one of the critical means for accomplishing the above goals. UICC provides a broad platform for facilitating technology transfer from Tsinghua University, and is a specific tool for strengthening collaborations with industry.


UICC Missions:


  To strengthen collaborations, especially for the exchange of talents and information between Tsinghua University and industry.


  To monitor the trends in technology developments, and help orient research into those areas of greatest value to the national economy.


  To help enterprises solve technical and management problems arising from their operations, thereby improving their competivity and overall capacity.


  To serve as a bridge between domestic and overseas enterprises, especially for facilitating the flow of talents and information in both directions.


Currently, about 200 enterprises have join the UICC, establishing a collaboration network based on a win-win partnership with Tsinghua University. These include 160 leading domestic Chinese enterprises and 40 well-known multi-national enterprises.