Core Services

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Core Services

  • Information Service:

□   A quarterly newsletter designed to keep overseas UICC member enterprises informed of Tsinghua's academic developments and research collaborations.

□   An annual report focusing on scientific and  technological achievements at Tsinghua University. 

□   Introduction to research activities within Tsinghua Universitys academic departments


  • Project Management:

□   Promoting the interconnection between academic departments at Tsinghua University and overseas UICC member enterprises. The UICC organizes regularly project symposia, and plays a key role in the coordination and management of collaborative projects. 

□   Facilitating the establishment of joint research centers.


  • Annual Meeting:

A platform to promote information exchange among overseas UICC members.


  • Business Elite

Appointed as Advisory Professors or Guest Professors of Tsinghua University.


  • Special Activities and Events:

Working with overseas member enterprises, the UICC plans and organizes special conferences and events. Recent examples include:        

□   "Automotive and Transportation – Reality and Future"- a design competition, organized in partnership with GM 

   " What can mobile(Internet) that I expect do for me? ”- an essay competition, organized in partner- ship with Mitsubishi Electric 

  "New Century Enterprises Tsinghua Summit”- a summit meeting, involving ShouGang Group, ZTE and other well-known enterprises.


  • Talent Exchange and Training:

□   Training programs in Tsinghua developed for overseas UICC members

□   Arranging visiting scholars and seminar programs

□   Student internship programs


  • Other Services:

□   The UICC also organizes special events aimed at promoting the culture and philosophy of overseas UICC  member enterprises at Tsinghua. Such events include speeches by company executives, public lectures, and on-campus activities with Tsinghua students amongst others.


If you would like to know more about UICC services, please contact our UICC Overseas Affairs Officer.  Click here for further information about joining the UICC.