UICC Members

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UICC Members

Currently, UICC provides services for approximately 160 domestic enterprises in China and 40 international companies/organizations.


The overseas member list is as below:


       AT&T Company

       Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

       Asahi Trading Co., Ltd.

       Cummins Inc.

       Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

       Electricity de France

       Emco Maier GesmbH

       France Telecom R&

       Freescale Semiconductor

       General Motors Overseas Cooperation (Beijing Office)

       Hewlett Packard (China)

       Hitachi (China) Ltd.

       IBM (China) Co., Ltd.

       Intel China Research Center

       Matsushita Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.

       Mentor Graphics Company

       Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

       Motorola (China) Electronics Ltd.

       NEC Company

       Nippon Shooter Ltd.

       Procter & Gamble Far East Inc., P & G

       Rockwell Company

       Samsung Advance Institute of Technology

       Shell China Ltd.

       Showa Highploymer Co., Ltd.(Japan)

       Siemens Ltd. China

       SMC Corporation

       Sony Corporation

       Sun Microsystems (China) Co., Ltd.

       Sunstar Engineering Inc.

       Synopsys Company

       Texas Instrument Hongkong Ltd.

       Tekes, Finish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation

       Toshiba Corporation


       Viewlogic Systems Company