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Tsinghua University has a strong commitment to basic research, applied research and technology innovation. For this purpose Tsinghua University allocates a basic research fund to support theoretical innovation, to establish inter-disciplinary research institutes, and to encourage the publication of high-level academic papers.


At the same time, Tsinghua also actively promotes technology transfer and commercialization. The faculty members are encouraged to undertake government-sponsored key research projects in response to the nation’s strategic development needs, and to conduct R&D collaborations with prominent multinational companies. Such collaborations can be based on diversified models, such as joint research projects, corporate research funds, joint research centers, industry-academic research collaboration office, and licensing and transfer of technologies.


Tsinghua’s research faculty includes 40 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 34 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and over 3400 professors and research fellows. Currently, Tsinghua’s faculty members are working on more than 1200 formally supported research projects. In 2011, more than 2000 Chinese and overseas patent applications were submitted, and over 1400 were granted.

Currently, some of Tsinghua’s main research areas are:

  •     Information Science and Technology
  •     Energy Related Disciplines
  •     Environmental Science
  •     Advanced Materials
  •     Bio-Technology
  •     Nano Science and Technology
  •     Arts and Design
  •     Architecture
  •     Aerospace
  •   Civil Engineering